Just Saying Flowers: Things to Consider When Choosing a Florist

Flowers typically play a part in most occasions. They can fulfill a significant role in decorative touches. Fragrant, well-designed wedding floral can complete the look and tie the wedding vision together. Whether you go all out on wedding flowers or focus only on a bridal bouquet, you will be making decisions regarding the types of weddings flowers you need and any wedding flower ideas you already dreamed-up.

If you opt out of the DIY wedding flowers and go the professional route, below are some things to consider when choosing a florist.

Prepare- Before meeting with florist you should have some preliminary decisions made. The more you know a head of time about your budget, specific needs and overall wedding style, the quicker and smoother the process of finding the right florist will be. As you meet with potential florists, they will tell you what they can provide for your budget helping you prioritize or what the budget would need be to complete your wish list.

Budget - Regardless of your floral needs, a florist will need to know your budget. You should have a ball park of what you are willing to spend, whether it's $100 or $10,000 you need to know your limits before meeting with a florist. Some florists have minimums and will only work with couples that have a floral budget of a specific number. No need to waste your time or theirs if you know they're not going to be a good match.

Fees- Delivery, millage, service, set-up and pick-up are all fees that can be added to a floral order. As mentioned above, some florists have minimum order requirements too. However, minimums can sometimes include or waive the additional fees. It is important to understand the fees associated with different florists and how that impacts your overall budget.

Needs - If you have a wedding party, how many bouquets, boutonnieres, floral crowns, and corsages, do you need? Do you want a toss bouquet? Do you want a bridal crown or any flowers added to your hair? Will the cake be decorated with fresh flowers? Do you want loose fresh petals for the ceremony? How many guest tables will you have? Knowing these needs or having a "wish list" together will save you time and make the communication more effective when initially meeting with florists. Together you can determine if they can provide your needs within your budget and what that would entail.

Locations - Where are you getting married? Will there be separate ceremony and reception locations? How far is the florist located from these sites? Some florists can only deliver within a certain radius. If your wedding location is far away from a florist, delivery costs can be higher. Whether you opt for delivery or plan to pick-up and transport the flowers yourself, they need to be packaged and transported appropriately to ensure quality is maintained. Also, keep in mind transporting rented items and vases means you're responsible that they make it there and back in one piece.

Look & Style - Do you already have a vision? Have you decided on wedding colors and specific accent colors- gold, silver, rose gold? Do you like tight round bridal designs or whimsical? While most florists are capable of several looks and designs, I like to think of florists as designers and artists. Oftentimes, they have a particular look and style. If you determined what your wedding style will be, you can search for florists that match that. If you are unsure then you can choose a florist that will help guide you through the process. If you have inspiration photos, share them with potential florists so they can get to know your style easily.

Quality - Read reviews and get an idea of what other couples say. Check out portfolios and photographs online. For fresh flowers, examine the quality of flowers used. Go to their shop, if they have one, and look or ask for examples during your meeting.

Types- Have you decided on fresh, silk, or wood flowers? Some florist specialize in certain types. Do you have specific types of flowers you love? If you want fresh flowers and have particular flowers in mind, will those flowers be in season when you are getting married? Using seasonal floral will help keep costs lower. Or to stretch your budget further add lots of greenery.

Personal Decor- If you have been collecting decorative pieces or vases that you know will match your look, or you have sentimental pieces you want to include - be prepared to share these with the florist so that the items can be incorporated into the design.

What couples say is important to them when choosing a florist-

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