Just Saying HUH? What is a Pop-up Wedding?!

There is something so fun about wandering off the beaten path and finding a non-traditional way of doing things. When you step outside the box it allows you to get creative. To see things with fresh eyes. More and more couples are choosing to break with tradition when it comes to their wedding. People are beginning to realize that there is SO MUCH that goes into that day. That ONE day. There are couples that spend full-time hours (over years!) planning. Others could own a small country for what they spent. The modern couple has evolved beyond these typical wedding traditions. People want a courthouse alternative that combines the utmost class with impeccable service and hospitality. Some people have already planned their big day in the past and want to reaffirm their love with family and friends in a full vow renewal service. Others are just looking for a simple way to turn their wedding dreams into reality. Enter the pop-up wedding. This phrase is used for a few different variations on the same idea with a common goal. People often think of this as an elopement style wedding which can be misleading. A pop-up has all the bells and whistles without the headache of planning or the big budget price tag, just a smaller guest list. The locations and times for this style wedding are as unique as the pop-up professionals and the couples themselves. By taking the “big” wedding and shrinking it to a smaller scale, couples have the opportunity for all the amenities they can imagine. Just Say I Do is all about celebrating love, and we LOVE Kansas City! Our fair city has so much for every style and personality! We select some of KC’s most unique locations from rustic country barns to urban showstoppers and collaborate with a team of the finest pros for our signature pop-up weddings. Our team creates a look and feel distinct to each signature pop-up. These intimate g