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So… you’re engaged, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Now what? Well let’s start with the facts. The average Kansas City wedding costs $22,718 and has 136 guests, which is on the decline from previous years. Yes, you read that right, $23,000 for ONE DAY in your life. Yes, one very important day but $23,000? If you, or your family, have that kind of money to spend – MORE POWER TO YOU! However, I am going to assume that most of you reading this are more like me and fall into a category of not being able to afford this NOR would want to OR expect your parents to do so.

*PAUSE* I want to pretend that I have $23,000 sitting in the bank. Oh how I wish I had that kind of money sitting in the bank. The things I would do. The debt that would be paid. The culture and travels I would share with my family. If I didn’t already own a home, it would definitely be going towards that. My youngest will be 16 in 3.5 years… the oldest will be in college in 1.5 years… hmm what could I do with $23,000?!?!? *END PAUSE*

Assuming you’re like me and not going to drop $23,000 and don’t want 3,000 people at your wedding, let’s talk options!


· DIY or DBFF (done by family & friends) – time consuming but saves money especially if on a tight budget and want a larger guest list

· Wedding Planner – costs more money but saves time & stress


· Restaurants- Private Dining or Event Room

· House, Backyard

· Community Center, Park, Hall, Shelter

· Smaller Room at Larger Venue

· Small Venue, Chapel, & Simple Ceremonies



Let’s focus on pop-ups and small venues. These concepts tend to be all-inclusive packages that are less expensive than traditional weddings, less time-stress-energy during the planning process, and provide simplicity in guest list and wedding activities.

The “Original” Pop-up concept takes place at a special location typically chosen by couple. Newer concepts can include an airstream or teardrop trailer.

Guest Count: 2-20 people

Hours: 2 or less

Cost: Couple hundred-couple thousand Décor: Style typically comes from location environment or surroundings Packages: Higher packages include photographer, florals, champagne, cake

Small Venues, Chapels, and Simple Ceremonies are gaining popularity. There are more and more new venues specializing in intimate weddings. Guests: 50 or less

Hours: 5 or less

Cost: Couple hundred-$7,000+

Decor: Style is consistent with venue, doesn’t usually change

Packages: wide range of packages, services, prices, times

Higher Packages: food, bar, floral, photographer, officiant, coordinator, music, bridal suites, favors, invitations


Combines the pop-up concept with convenience of small venue all-inclusive packages & services

Use of sought-after venues and vendors to provide a professionally planned wedding at a value

Pop-ups have different looks, themes, and décor

Accommodate larger guest lists at the same value and convenience of a traditional pop-up

Entertainment including DJ, yard games, photo-booth

Traditional wedding look and feel without the stress of planning and at a great price

Book a pop-up wedding so you can have your cake and eat it too. pun intended 😊 CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR PACKAGES & PRICING

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