Just Saying Photography: Things to Consider when Choosing a Wedding Photographer

A photo is worth a thousand words – and when it comes to your wedding day, you want each photo to speak to the special and once in a lifetime moment. When it comes to choosing a wedding photographer there are a few things to consider to ensure you’ve made not only the right decision but that you’ve considered all possible factors when it someone taking photos you’ll be cherishing for the rest of your marriage and life. We break down the considerations to keep in mind when selecting a photographer.


When it comes to a wedding, things can start to add up, and rather quickly. For some couples, they will begin the wedding process with an overall budget and allocation of funds – from photographers, to catering and attire, this is a way of keeping the bank book in line. When it comes to photographers and a budget, things to consider or ask about include:

Packages – some photographers will offer packages that can include an engagement shoot, or a photo shoot after the wedding. If you are looking for the most basic service – consider the costs for only having a “day of” service versus these add-ons.

Time – it is important to consider and discuss with your potential photographer what their fee covers, especially when it comes to time. Some photographers will only work 4-hours, what happens if you would like them to stay longer? See if you can add time or if they are firm on the number of hours they are shooting.

Tipping – while some couples would argue there is no need to tip on top of paying for the service, sometimes, it is a nice gesture, especially if they are accommodating, travelling long distance, etc. While it isn’t always necessary, it is important to consider if you plan to give them extra.


Personality – no two photographers will see an image the same, which means you won’t always get the same shot. Some may focus on people – such as the couple, while others will want to capture the surroundings and guest, chat with the photographer and check out their portfolio to see their style and personality.

Finished product – we live in a day and age where editing and filters have become the new norm, if you prefer a natural photo, make sure your photographer understands this. Some photographers and some clients may think it’s better to have photos that have been edited and filtered; however, be wary of this, sometimes natural is better.

Meet and Greet – what better way to truly get firsthand experience of the style of a photographer than a meet and greet. Most photographers will agree to a meet before any details are ironed out, sometimes going for coffee or visiting the couple at their home. This will allow for both photographer and couple to see if they will mesh well together or if they don’t.


Portfolio – the first step in finding a photographer usually begins with perusing through portfolios. While some would argue that because they have a Canon or Nikon DSLR they can shoot weddings; however, some photographers thrive and excel in wedding shoots while others are more nature and scenery based. Checking out a photographers portfolio will allow you to see the kind of work they are capable of but also if they have shot weddings before.

Ratings and Referrals – any successful photographer will have one of two things, a Facebook page or website. A photographer whose livelihood is photography will have both. Just as we check the ratings on restaurants, it is wise to see what other clients have said about the photographer and how their ratings are.

Photo Trial – although a portfolio is to help a couple determine the style, experience and qualification of a photographer, asking or rather inquiring about a photo trail can ensure the couple is truly the perfect one for the job. A photo trial doesn’t have to be anything big or extravagant, it can be something as simple as a 30-minute photo shoot. Again, this will allow the couple to truly experience the photographer and their style and qualification.

Leadership – well seasoned photographers will often take lead and help navigate couples and guests when it comes to taking photos. For some couples this can be daunting or annoying; however, a trained and seasoned photographer will be able to take charge and ensure that all the key and important moments are taken.

Picking a photographer can be a lengthy process; however, thinking about these can help make the process less stressful and ensure you find the best person to capture those special moments. Sometimes, paying a bit more for experience is better than paying less and hoping for a good shot on the day of. You only get married once, you want the photos to last you a lifetime and to be able to trigger happy memories.

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