Just Saying Welcome: A Tale of Two Brides

You can find out a lot about yourself the moment you say yes. The moment you decide that you will “walk down that aisle” staring into the face that will be YOUR face forever. Okay. Well maybe not the moment. The next day. When the love and fairy dust settles. The questions start to pop up. How will we do this? Where will we do this? Who will be there? How much? Why? When? This? That? That other thing?! Your head starts spinning almost immediately. You find out a lot about yourself the day you begin the journey to I DO.

Kate and I are both very different people. So, needless to say we were both very different brides. Kate was a bride that spent two years searching for and planning every meticulous detail. I was a bride that said, “Oh hey! Your family is already coming in over spring break in a few weeks. Wanna do it then?!” Kate was a bride that searched for months for the perfect wedding dress and romper for the after party. I grabbed an adorable dress off the rack and wore vintage accessories that I’ve loved for years. We couldn’t be more different and yet we were both searching for the same thing. The perfect day, a more intimate day. We wanted more time spent with our closest loved ones so the moments could slow down and the memories could take shape and stick.

There isn’t much difference between a handful of weeks and couple of years when it comes to wedding planning, especially wedding planning on a budget. The amount of time, stress, sweat and tears that it takes to pull off your day of lifetime is unbelievable. Kate and her crack team of “pros” (her awesome mom and sisters) spent hours the day before her wedding putting together all of the floral arrangements and bouquets. I was up until 3AM making roasted vegetable lasagna for my guests. (It was delicious by the way! AND Kate made my wedding cake! Still one of the best cakes I’ve ever had!)

A wedding often turns into a full time job. Modern couples want their day to be special, but they also want to live their full time lives. Maybe you want to plan your dream honeymoon together. Or maybe you are busy renovating your new together home. Kate and I have seen a need. Couples want their day to be spectacular but they want to simplify. We look forward to taking care of people. Giving them a day to relax and remember every moment, every detail.


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