Vendor Spotlight: Fiore Floral Studio

Fiore Floral Studio specializes in naturally inspired botanical design for bold brides. The bread and butter of Fiore is custom floral designs for weddings and events. Fiore Floral Studio provides weekly or biweekly floral decor for local restaurants and private classes that teach people about the basics of flower crowns, arrangements, or wreaths. Owner and designer, Alysa Tarantino, is committed to working with couples to give them high end designs at a price point that fits into their budget, whatever that may be. She forages for seasonal materials and gets as creative as needed in order to make their dream designs a reality. No minimum order amount!

In 2011, Alysa lived in Hawaii for 6 months. During this time, she fell in love with flowers and began her pursuit of floral design. Back at home, in Kansas City, she enrolled in an online floral course and landed a job with a local wholesaler. She learned all about seasonality, different varieties, and pricing. She would practice at home using flowers that were pulled from stock due to wilting or a new shipment. From there she worked for an upscale wedding florist for a season, then a fast-paced retail shop pumping out dai