Vendor Spotlight: Fiore Floral Studio

Fiore Floral Studio specializes in naturally inspired botanical design for bold brides. The bread and butter of Fiore is custom floral designs for weddings and events. Fiore Floral Studio provides weekly or biweekly floral decor for local restaurants and private classes that teach people about the basics of flower crowns, arrangements, or wreaths. Owner and designer, Alysa Tarantino, is committed to working with couples to give them high end designs at a price point that fits into their budget, whatever that may be. She forages for seasonal materials and gets as creative as needed in order to make their dream designs a reality. No minimum order amount!

In 2011, Alysa lived in Hawaii for 6 months. During this time, she fell in love with flowers and began her pursuit of floral design. Back at home, in Kansas City, she enrolled in an online floral course and landed a job with a local wholesaler. She learned all about seasonality, different varieties, and pricing. She would practice at home using flowers that were pulled from stock due to wilting or a new shipment. From there she worked for an upscale wedding florist for a season, then a fast-paced retail shop pumping out daily orders, next managing a flower shop where she was the only designer on staff. Later, she became the Events Director at Green Dirt Farm. This is where she fell in love with planning/executing events and foraging for materials. "I basically worked in every segment of the floral industry until I felt I had a good grasp of the business and a mastery of different design techniques. "

"I went full time with Fiore Floral Studio in 2018 and haven’t looked back since. I enjoy two things about my job equally. First, I love flowers, like. . .I really love them. I think it’s special that I get to create custom works of art with a medium that is both challenging and inspiring at the same time. Second, I really and truly enjoy handing a bride her bouquet on her wedding day. The smile on her face is the perfect validation that I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing. "

A typical week for Alysa has a tendency to be a little atypical and look a lot like organized chaos. "My days always start with coffee and music. We have a coffee pot in our bedroom that starts brewing automatically at 6am and our morning playlist full of upbeat tunes begins playing at 6:15am on the dot. We get our daughter up, ready, and off to school and then head to the home office to get to work." During the week, she starts by responding to highest priority emails and then moves on to creating to do lists for that week’s wedding. "I’m a firm believer in lists and more lists to stay organized and make sure nothing slips between the cracks. Being a one woman show means I have to be my own safety net. I make a list of errands, a list of supplies, a list of design items, and a day-before and day-of wedding timeline/task list." Alysa also works on upcoming floral orders and hits the blogs and social media accounts to research and stay current on trends in the wedding industry, picks up needed supplies and flowers for the weekend, and starts designing. Her weekends are filled with finishing the last-minute items like bouts and corsages and wedding set-up. She leaves Sundays for resting and then starts the whole process again the next week. "Consultations, peer meetings, and planning my own wedding are peppered in throughout the week. Sometimes I sleep and eat."

Last September, I met with Alysa to discuss working together on an upcoming styled shoot & pop-up event. I instantly knew she was going to be great. She was down-to-earth, cool, and easy to chat with. Her creativity and boldness was perfect for the bright & bold pop-up I had been planning. **Side bar - she nailed it! So much fun to work with, went above and beyond, really contributed to the overall look and theme of the event. Can't wait to work with her again!**

"I have a book collection that would make a hoarder proud and an uncanny ability to turn any gathering into a dance party. If Carrie Bradshaw and Andre 3000 had a baby and that baby was raised by Martha Stewart, it would be me. More than anything I’m a passionate advocate for following your dreams. I think anything is possible if you lean aggressively into your strengths, creatively utilize your weaknesses, and do it all with a smile and unwavering confidence."

Any wedding trends or traditions you love or hate?

I love the bridal tradition of carrying flowers down the aisle. That’s my fave for sure, duh.

There are some trends I like less than others, but it’s all a matter of personal taste. I think if you like it, it’s your wedding and you should do it. . .whether it’s on trend or not.

Advice for engaged couples:

Don’t lose sight of the fact that getting married is important because of the marriage not just the wedding. The wedding is how you celebrate the beginning of your life together and by all means make it as big or small or fancy or casual as you want, but don’t forget why it’s happening and never let the stress come between the two of you.

Get more information about Fiore Floral Studio at, on Instagram @fiore_florals and on Facebook Fiore Floral Studios. Contact Alysa at 816-309-4446 and

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