Vendor Spotlight: Marigold's Food Truck & Catering

Who doesn’t love food trucks! Is anyone else obsessed with them as much as I am? I don’t know if it’s my passion for the hospitality & catering side of things or if it’s the fact that my secret dream for several years was to be a food truck owner, but I absolutely love the idea of mashing up food trucks and weddings. I think it is a match made in heaven that adds a special touch to your special day.

Marigold's food truck and catering is all about creating food that tastes like love! They are passionate about serving others and bringing to life a custom menu or vision. Casual or elegant, they love it all! This food truck is great for parties, festivals, events and weddings.

Mary Green, owner & operator, thrives on excitement, passion, and laughter. She has been in the restaurant industry all her life. She cooks from scratch and loves the kitchen! She started her business in August of 2016 because she wanted to serve others and create dishes that would bring comfort and a sense of family.

Mary grew up in a very big family. “I experienced so much love and laughter. My favorite time of day was dinner. When the dinner bell rang out, we would all come running to get our spot at the table. My mother cooked masterpieces every night. Sharing a meal creates a special bond. I live to recreate that and share it.” Growing up with ten siblings, she feels her best when hosting a crowd.

Marigold’s menu stems from the belief that everyone should be able to choose something they love! It has a variety of tastes and is a creation of many different types of cuisine. They offer appetizers, entrees, finger food and desserts. Casual paper boats or quaint china, stuffed pork loin or street tacos, truck service or catering, they do it all! Need a vegan dish? Marigold’s will take care of you. Have a custom menu in mind? Mary will make it happen. Did I mention, all their food is made from scratch and they are super affordable!!!!

Mary has a passion for what she does and doesn’t let anything stand in her way. “The most amazing part of what I do is seeing someone delight in the taste of my cooking. That is my true motivation. It is what presses me forward between blown out tires, tipped refrigerators and freezing temperatures!” Derek and I wanted to know more about “tipping refrigerators” and Mary further explained, “If it’s not nailed down or tied up it’s going to go flying. We have a photo gallery of truck mishaps. Anytime something goes wrong we snap a pic. It makes us proud when we look back and see what we have managed to live through!” I told Mary that would make a fantastic blog post! It’s real, honest, and a look into the life of a food truck owner.

A typical day or week requires time shopping around the city and sometimes cooking into the wee hours of the night. Then, throw in a truck wash, fuel fill-up and occasional repair. They arrive at least an hour early to all events and get ready to serve. Everyone on the truck has a position and this enables them to move the line quickly. Once everyone is served, it's time to clean up. When the truck pulls away the host is left with no mess, but a lot of memories.

Anyone who owns a business knows the time and pressure regarding picking the business name. I know with Just Say I Do it took weeks and sometimes looked like a presidential debate! So, how did Marigold’s get its name? Mary and her brother Pete brainstormed for weeks. “We came up with over 100 and had some late-night laughing fits. Buns on the Run, Stickman Rebellion- I was convinced I wanted a stickman on the side of the truck?!? I dodged that bullet! I did, however, want to make sure the name would be welcome at formal affairs. As well as express comfort. A marigold is a hearty flower and is used to comfort. Pete suggested it and it just seemed perfect. Funny thing – my name is Mary Green!”

Any wedding trends or traditions you love or hate?

It is a joy to watch couples construct an ensemble of tastes. The first achievement as husband and wife is the grand party after the vows! Tradition or trend, planned or spontaneous, it's the gathering of loved ones that makes it special and memorable.

Advice for engaged couples: They say it's the journey, not the destination. Enjoy your engagement as a special and exhilarating experience.

Be sure to check out Marigold’s Food Truck at, on Instagram @marigoldsfoodtruck & Facebook Marigolds Food Truck . To book your next event, reach Mary Green at

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