Vendor Spotlight: The Bauer Event Space

When Derek and I were looking for our wedding venue, The Bauer was our top choice. We knew we wanted to get married in the Crossroads and spent a full day of back-to-back appointments touring downtown venues. We prepared for our last appointment, exhausted and overwhelmed, knowing we hadn’t quite found “the one.” As soon as we entered The Bauer Event Space, a familiar feeling rushed over us. It was the same feeling we had when we toured our now home, for the first time. We were suddenly awakened and thrilled that we had finally found our venue. We ended up reducing our guest list from 150 to 30 and did not end up marrying there. However, I contribute this experience as one reason for starting our pop-up wedding concept. We ended up having an amazing wedding, but I still sometimes wonder about my dream wedding at The Bauer Event Space. – Kate (owner, Just Say I Do)

So, what is so special about The Bauer Event Space?

The Bauer is a mixed-use creative arts space, housing small businesses, artists and retail shops. Nestled atop The Bauer, with a spectacular top-floor view, is The Bauer Event Space. It features painstakingly- restored architecture, Italian string bulbs, charming details and their famous “patina.” The uniqueness of The Bauer Event Space is adored by brides, grooms, vendors and guests alike.

The Bauer Event Space is one of the most unique event spaces in Kansas City for several reasons. There’s nothing quite like The Bauer itself, with over 30 studios filled with artisans, retailers and small business owners. The Bauer is one of the hubs of the monthly Crossroads Arts District’s monthly First Friday traditions and has upwards of one to two thousand visitors per month, many of which end up booking the event space as their wedding venue. They have more personal details than you can count: an enormous blue door inspired by the Mediterranean, heart-shaped keyholes, vintage upholstery + curtains, restored hardwoods, built-in window seating overlooking the downtown skyline, and so much more!

Ashlee and Chelsey co-coordinate The Bauer Event Space. Ashlee Broome has been in the event industry for over fifteen years, specifically working with weddings for close to a decade. A wife and a mother of four aged between 2 to 14 years old, she never has a dull moment. Chelsey Davidson, a bride herself at The Bauer four years ago, has been a natural ever since she stepped into the role as Event Coordinator. Chelsey, her husband, and their two cats, just welcomed their first baby to the world three months ago! Both Ashlee and Chelsey have a passion for weddings, attention to detail, and a love of connecting with their clients and making their dream wedding come to life.

Ashlee and Chelsey love working together; it’s a (professional) match made in heaven! “The owner of the building, Jeff Owens, is an absolute delight: a staple in the Crossroads neighborhood and beyond, a tireless worker when it comes to improving/loving on The Bauer and is always 100% supportive of creative ideas and unique concepts they want to bring to life in our space.” They love working with the artists and small business owners. There is always a creative and entrepreneurial current flowing through the building, which translates into the event experience. Last, but not least, they - of course - LOVE working with The Bauer renters. “Being able to be such an integral part of one of the biggest moments of someone’s life is SPECIAL!!!”

How did you get started or what inspired you to get into the wedding business?

With years of independent Event Coordination under her belt, Ashlee first started working in the Crossroads Arts District in the nonprofit sector and as the Executive Producer of the West 18th Street Fashion Show. These roles nurtured relationships right on the block, and in the building where The Bauer is now. It was a natural transition, and what ended up being a perfect fit, when there was a need for someone to build The Bauer Event Space program. Her love for details and bent toward hospitality has helped bring to life many of the personal touches that renters so love about The Bauer Event Space.

Chelsey was married at The Bauer Event Space in October of 2014. Living in Chicago at the time, but with plans to move back to KC, she half-jokingly mentioned to a Bauer event staffer that she’d love to get a job there if the need arose. Lo and behold, it did! And when Chelsey was contacted to see if she was still interested, the stars aligned to make it all work out flawlessly. A quick-learner, great communicator and delightful personality make her a favorite at The Bauer.

A typical work week for Ashlee and Chelsey consists of maintaining email and telephone correspondences, conducting tours, processing new clients’ booking appointments, meeting with couples (and their families and vendors) on the week of their event, scheduling the variety of staff required to prep for, work and clean-up after events, maintaining social media and regular client communication, working with the property staff to maintain the integrity of the facility and constantly be working to improve the experience of the renter. (And more. Always more!)

Any wedding trends or traditions you love or hate? We love sparkler send-offs in our string-lit alley, when grooms cry during the ceremony, the pampas grass trend, Oscar-style seating (which makes for the EASIEST “room flip” of all time), signature cocktails and HUGE (as in piled-high and gorgeous) charcuterie boards. And, as trendy as they are, we still think a clever hashtag is #hilarious.

Advice for engaged couples: Take all the details seriously, but not too seriously. (Wait. We think that’s actually LIFE advice.)

xoxo, Chelsey + Ashlee

Be sure to check out The Bauer Event Space at on Instagram @thebrideandthebauer. You can reach Ashlee & Chelsey at or 816.984.8533

Interested in getting married at Just Say I Do’s pop-up wedding at The Bauer Event Space? Click the link for more info!

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