Just Saying: Why pop-ups are a great alternative to traditional options!

So, here you are: engaged, excited and eager to get married! But then the reality sets in about how incredibly busy you are and how much weddings can cost. Between checking out various venues, finding THE dress, picking complimentary colors and/or a theme, interviewing photographers, DJs, and bands….you see where I’m going with this? There are so many things to plan and organize when it comes to putting a wedding together that it can no doubt be overwhelming.

But what if I told you there was an easier, cheaper solution to having an amazing wedding? It’s called a pop up wedding! Pop up weddings allow couples to have their dream wedding without the overwhelming planning and price tag. These wedding packages offer a more affordable option for couples who don’t want a huge guest list, need or want to say “I do!” quickly after getting engaged, or don’t have the time to organize a large traditional wedding.

Basically pop up weddings work like this: a venue is booked by a pop up wedding company like Just Say I Do for a large chunk of time that is broken down into smaller chunks of time for individual weddings, effectively splitting the costs for the venue between the weddings allowing for each couple to pay a much smaller amount for their wedding than if they had to book the venue for the entire day or longer period of time. Different types of packages are offered, and couples can pick and choose what’s most important to them based on length of time desired, guest list size (which is usually small), invitations, type of food/beverages to be served (if any), time for pictures, etc.

The other big bonus about a pop up wedding is that everything is coordinated for you, so you essentially make a few decisions with an event coordinator and then just show up to your wedding looking fantastic and ready to get married! The peace of mind alone offered by having a pop up wedding is pretty invaluable. Some people can find having to make a hundred decisions for their wedding to be exhausting but having a pop up wedding makes it all simple and easy!

If you’re looking to get married quickly after getting engaged, it can seem nearly impossible to pull off. Pop up weddings allow you book everything all at once and get married in just a couple weeks or less! Planning a traditional wedding would make that really difficult, but having an event coordinator taking care of all the details for you takes all the time-consuming tasks and stress off your shoulders.

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